She’s Gotta Not Have It – 

May 1, 2020 – ‘I gave up alcohol completely 3 years ago today whoop whoop and today also marks the 2 year anniversary of my life changing holiday to India with @adamskionline (how amazing was that trip babes?). 

‘Anyway blah di blah I’m doing a little dance and you can’t stop me! have a good and positive day y’all. ps and for those asking, no I don’t miss it because it’s toxic bulls**t!’ The post prompted a wave of encouraging comments from fans, with many praising Mel for her determination to remain sober.  Responding to the presenter, one wrote: ‘Champion I’m 16 weeks in so I take my hat off to you 3 years fantastic.’ While a second added: ‘Well done on the three years. I’ve done 6 and I don’t miss it either. Have a great day and enjoy your little dance.’ 



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