A Fine Romance –

April 30, 2020 – Eric informed Vanity Fair he struggled with dependancy for years, peppered with moments of sobriety in between. “I’ve been a pothead all my life, with several sober breaks I refer to as binge sobriety,” he mentioned. He appeared on Celebrity Rehab with assist from Eliza, which grew to become a springboard for sobriety. Now, he turns to Eliza, particularly on days when life will get too tense. “I have a release valve in that I have a wife that is my best everything,” Eric shares. “And I can turn to my wife and say, ‘I’m having a hard time.’ And she’ll put me in the car and we’ll go for a drive up to Mulholland Drive. Get out there and look at the view. Get home and I’m fine again.”

“We have all kinds of things we do like that, personal, small things we can do when you get stressed out,” he says. When life will get too onerous or unusual, “We just do one of our little things and you have to talk about it. Get it planned out so the conversation is a ‘do.’ So, ‘Let’s go do this’ and you just gotta take care of each other.”



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