Celebrity Sobriety –

09/28/18 – Sheen, who was being awarded with LA Chefs’ Human Rights Hero Award for his work with the homeless in Los Angeles, said that he was proud of his son’s efforts to follow a healthier path and admit to his past indiscretions. “I think all of us are striving to lead honest lives,” said Sheen. “That’s a requirement of every human being.” Sheen, who also battled alcoholism, said that helping others can be beneficial to healing oneself. “The best way to heal is to help healing someone else, and it takes one to know one, so you can appreciate what someone’s going through if you’ve gone there yourself,” he noted. In an interview with AARP Magazine, Sheen said that upon getting sober through his Catholic faith, he turned to Alcoholics Anonymous to gain perspective on how to help Charlie with his dependency issues, which ultimately involved him turning over his son to authorities for probation violation in 1998 as a last-ditch attempt to get him into rehabilitation. Martin Sheen admitted that getting his son to a better place felt, at times, almost insurmountable…

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