Time for a Good Cry –

October 1, 2019 – Murtaugh said in his two years as a full-time employee, Donovan was “a warrior in Narcan training.” He helped cover nine counties in central New York. Murtaugh said Donovan’s work saved thousands of lives, and took him on the road a lot. “That’s the sad part, people are very shocked by this,” Murtaugh said. “He would always tell people, ‘never use alone, because people die alone’ and if he was truly hiding this, he wouldn’t have told anyone.”

Donovan’s doctor, Laura Martin, said he spent over five years with her as a patient, and that he had been drug free for about two years. During that time, she said he got his job at ACR, and he was a single parent to a young son. “He’d changed his life so much, a single dad, good member of the community and hard working,” she said.

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