Sept. 8, 2022 – Lawyers for MARR wrote in a court filing that a doctor discontinued Carusillo’s lithium treatment after he complained of side effects. Carusillo knowingly violated multiple rules at the facility and had been told that he would be discharged for any further violation, they wrote. The next morning, facility staff discovered he had a cellphone. During a phone conference with facility staff and his parents, Carusillo refused to go to a more intensive treatment facility and only agreed to go to a sober living house, the filing says.

Mike Carusillo said he hopes his son’s death and the large jury verdict help prompt legislation to ensure proper staffing and guidelines at treatment facilities. The Carusillos have been open about discussing their son’s struggles in hopes of publicizing available resources and reducing the stigma attached to mental illness, Tina Carusillo said.

She described her son — who had his own son who was 5 when his father died _ as a beautiful, funny, bright, generous person. He was a talented athlete and had been the kicker on his high school football team.

“I have to say, he was probably the best hugger that I ever knew, and I really, really miss that,” Tina Carusillo said. “He was a generous, kind soul and we miss him.


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