REVIEW: Sounds atrocious –

Oct. 1, 2020 – The credits that follow serve as our quick-fire backstory on Ava, a former high valediction voted “Most Likely To Succeed” who went off the rails after a DUI incident. She joined the military, was honorably discharged and took up arms with a mysterious organization that’s never really explained—all we know is that they send Ava to off people all over the world. Her handler Duke, played with gusto by John Malkovich, is a stand-in father figure for Ava, who attempts to reconcile with her real family in between missions. It’s all a bit by-the-book, with every detail seemingly present to explain why Ava is the way she is. But making her a recovering alcoholic whose gambling addicted ex-boyfriend (Common) is now engaged to her sister (Jess Weixler) isn’t so much interesting or telling detail as it is clichéd.



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