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April 5, 2019 – From the last drop to the daily struggle to keep sober, my sobriety was a gradual leveling off of emotions over time. It took a few years, not to mention a lot of support group meetings, therapy, drugs (the legal, prescription kind), religion, and good ol’ rock and roll. It took work, but it also took learning self-love. But not everyone is so lucky. There are many lives that alcoholism has utterly destroyed, or damaged beyond repair. Leslie Jamison’s “The Recovering: Intoxication and Its Aftermath” is the story of her own battle with alcoholism, and how close her life came to a miserable end because of it. It’s also the story of a remarkable recovery. Before Jamison, I’ve read many a book about the disease of addiction. Most have been so-called ‘drunk-a-logs’, and I consider them to be the most relatable and compelling for those trying to stay sober. They read like diaries. “The Recovering” may, be one of the most compelling drunk-a-logs I’ve ever read.

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