Aug. 12, 2022 –  As a doctor of clinical nutrition, I’ve spent many years unearthing new and innovative ways of healing. As an expert in functional nutrition and functional medicine, I specialize in understanding the root cause of our symptoms and what is driving the health concerns we experience on a deeper level—and then how to heal them using food and supplementation.  When I talk to clients about changing their drinking habits, they’re often reluctant to give up their beloved glass of wine or favorite cocktail. It can be hard to change our habits. In my own experience, it sounded crazy to stop drinking—my friendships, working relationships, social events, and just about every other thing I did included alcohol. But now, after more than a year without a drink, I can’t imagine life with a drink.

We often chalk it up to willpower, but it’s not just about the will to say no to a drink when you’re out with friends. There are biochemical processes at play in the body. This is where nutrition and our health come into the picture. Stress, nutrient deficiencies, gut imbalances, low brain neurotransmitters, hormone imbalances, and other systems out of balance can affect how we seek alcohol in our lifestyle. When I work with clients in both one-on-one and group settings on nutrition and changing your relationship with alcohol, these are the three key areas I focus on: blood sugar, the gut and the brain.


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