Sept. 16, 2022 – “I have my own body image issues that I work on, and a major way that I do that is through my art,” Wyethe told Bored Panda. “So as a therapeutic exercise I wanted to alter some characters I really loved growing up.”

But what started as a personal project has already touched hundreds of thousands of people—after Wyethe shared her works on social media, they quickly went viral, receiving tons of praise from people who really appreciate such a refreshing take on their beloved characters.  “Growing up as a little girl, I always looked up to [Disney’s] princesses and admired [their] stories,” Wyethe said.

“I noticed that they all had the exact same body proportions, and that made it harder for me to relate to them as I grew up.”  Having said that, Wyethe really enjoys the Disney character design. “It is a gorgeous style!”

However, she believes that, “as a society in this day and age, body representation not only makes the image more relatable, but it also helps with body acceptance and body appreciation.”  “Overall there has been an enormous amount of positivity and appreciation for these illustrations,” Wyethe added. “I receive messages every day saying how these images have helped heal their inner child. That makes it so worthwhile to me.”

But we should remember that there’s more to her art than this series. “While I do appreciate the love I have gotten from these drawings, as an artist this is not what I focus on. I may make more videos from time to time, but I have no desire to pursue this any further than a therapeutic exercise.”


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