Sept. 17, 2022 – Evil Incarnate: Purdue Pharma & Oxycontin

Review of the Hulu Drama Series Dopesick
Chapter Excerpted from the Upcoming Book
Movies We  Love About the Habits We Hate
by Ted Perkins
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I’m the first guy to tell you that movies and TV shows are a business first and foremost, which is why most screenwriters and producers like me strive to make them as provocative, romantic, comedic, horrifying, and/or thrilling as possible. Unfortunately, many media critics bemoan the negative impact of commercial imperatives on “quality” storytelling, and why Marvel superhero franchise films usually take the brunt of the criticism. But as I mentioned in the Introduction, Hollywood is also known to take chances from time to time, and some of its greatest artistic and public-service accomplishments have occurred when it dramatizes important current events. Hulu’s original series Dopesick is a prime example of how producers endeavored to take on a difficult and challenging issue like the opioid epidemic and hit it out of the park.


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