June 16, 2022 – 7 tips to quit smoking weed

Want to know how to quit smoking marijuana? Dr. Streem shares these strategies to help you kick the habit:

1. Treat underlying problems

“Whenever you try to change an unhealthy behavior, think about how the behavior started in the first place,” advises Dr. Streem. “Addressing any underlying reasons why you started that behavior is key to successfully changing the habit.”

People often turn to marijuana to alleviate:

Cannabis may provide temporary relief, but it doesn’t treat the underlying condition. Talk to your healthcare provider or a therapist about safer, more effective solutions that you can try instead. When you find a new way to address the underlying issue, it’s easier to stop using marijuana.

2. Make a plan

The method you choose isn’t as important as how much preparation you do, says Dr. Streem. “The best predictor of success is how much planning you put into it. It should be the same as changing your diet or starting an exercise plan,” he says. “Look at your life and figure out the best strategy for you.” Once you settle on your path forward, choose a quit date. You can do this in one of two ways:

  • Cold turkey: Like ripping off a bandage, this approach to quitting is quick. Doing this approach may result in experiencing withdrawal symptoms and various challenges. You can make this approach easier by seeking additional support, throwing away any gear you have and more (see below).
  • Gradual approach: Reducing your use slowly over time could be more beneficial, especially if you’ve been using marijuana for longer periods. For this approach, give yourself a deadline and taper off your usage in small increments. A substance use counselor or addiction specialist can help you through this process.


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