June 16, 2022 – The materials present:

  • A factual and concise overview of exactly what drugs are, how they work and what they do
  • Their street names
  • The long- and short-term side effects of the most commonly abused substances.

As to getting through to children and teens on this crucial subject, Truth About Drugs booklets and videos are presented in youth-friendly terms. And they hear about drugs from those who lived through addiction and survived to tell their stories.

Foundation for a Drug-Free World also offers interactive  Truth About Drugs courses designed for anyone to learn this information at their own pace.

Learn more about the Truth About Drugs initiative and Foundation for a Drug-Free World on the  Scientology Network, where drug prevention advocates creating change with the program are featured in episodes of the original series “ Voices for Humanity. ”

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World is a volunteer-based organization with a network of 200 chapters around the world. Thanks to the support of the Church of Scientology and Scientologists, the Foundation provides the Truth About Drugs secular program and materials free of charge to drug educators worldwide…