June 16, 2022 – In a video seen by The Post, she told the crowd: “My life is a little bit kind of down right now. You’re pulling me up. so thank you.

“I’m so proud of this movie, I really am … To be honest, I haven’t really left my house for the last two years unless it has to do with my children, so to get me to leave like California and fly to Memphis and be here, aside from coming to visit my [son’s grave, at Graceland], it’s a big deal.”

The Post is told that Lisa Marie, who has been open over the years about her struggles with addiction, continues to be supported by her first husband, Danny Keough, the father of Benjamin and Riley. The couple, who were married from 1998 to 1994, are living together once again — albeit platonically. he pair are residing with Lisa Marie’s 13-year-old twin daughters, Harper and Finley Lockwood — whose father is musician Michael Lockwood, her fourth husband — in the Calabasas area of Los Angeles. She sold the nearby house where Benjamin died for $2 million in March 2021.

“They’re friends, it’s nothing romantic,” a family source said told The Post. “They are two parents grieving.”

Over the years, Priscilla, now 77, has fiercely protected Elvis’ legacy and largely been the one responsible for running his estate. And she has given this movie her full support, telling the Graceland crowd: “I’ve never been so enthusiastic about a film, an Elvis film, as I am this.”


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