Aug. 1, 2022 – The naloxone itself is the same as what Hikma already manufactures, but has its own National Drug Code designating it as a new product with the FDA. Remedy Alliance is the only customer. Its name is on the label. Hikma, which operates a subdivision focused on substance use and community health, told Filter the partnership was a “natural extension” of its efforts.

Codirectors Eliza Wheeler and Maya Doe-Simkins, and Board President Nabarun Dasgupta, said that so far 108 affiliates (formerly known as Buyers Club members) have submitted applications, putting their target volume for the coming year at more than 2 million doses.

Though this is a jump from the 1.3 million doses they distributed in 2020 (the chaos of the shortage meant 2021 was a wash, data-wise), barring a catastrophe that manages to take out both Pfizer and Hikma they should be able to meet all of it.


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