With a song in his heart – 

June 16, 2020 – “I’m ready #rainonme – today is my 3 year sober birthday!” Frankie wrote. “I honestly can not believe it. The gratitude that I am feeling right now for this life beyond my wildest dreams is overwhelming. Thank you to all of my amazing friends and family for supporting me on this challenging yet unbelievably rewarding journey.” 

“I remember where I was 3 years ago before finally turning my will and my life over to the program of recovery,” Frankie continued. “The lyrics ‘I’d rather be dry, but at least I’m alive’ resonate profoundly with me. I didn’t want to continue on, I was desperate to be sober, but I had no tools to get there … and what a difference three years has made. I have the tools to stay sober every day for the rest of my life now and I get a daily choice weather or not to use those tools. I am proud to say I have used those tools successfully for the past 1,097 days in a row and never plan on stopping [sic]. everything happens for a reason.”


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