April 7, 2021 – “No one noticed at first,” the comic reads in the beginning. “The changes were subtle.” So subtle, in fact, that a basketball player emanates billowing clouds of green gas from his body as his teammate, terrified, looks up at him from the floor. It only gets worse. A girl who “usually maps out her whole year before breakfast” has no summer plans. The basketball player can’t make a shot.

Oblivious to this looming threat, two young scientists in the school lab—Javier and Amy—have meanwhile invented a device to see into the future.

The green vapor spreads. Eventually, a group of possessed students corner Amy and Javier in a parking lot, as the pair figure out that their classmates must be “being controlled.” Then Amy gets captured. What does this menace want? To control first the town, followed by the world—“until every teen was in its thrall.” 

It’s not until Javier uses his device to help everyone see into their future—and the “true cost” of the “malevolent chaos” afflicting them—that they fight back and defeat the foe.

“If you vape, nicotine addiction can take control of you,” warns a final panel. The repercussions of seeing your future laid out before your eyes are not further explored.


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