…to create future joy –

Sep. 19, 2020 – Families and children mimic our very actions, teaching (in turn) what was taught to us — a long line of broken homes, trauma, abuse, addiction and depression. 

The beliefs and the values that are instilled at a young age carry on throughout your whole life if you don’t get help, look at the root cause and start correcting. 

You consume yourself believing “this is who I am” — that you are living a life that’s not yours, and that what’s broken can never be whole. The hardest part for me as a father is learning how to be patient with my children and seeing how my absence has affected the areas where I failed as a father. They are showing me how to be a man.

Every time I have them, I learn something new. But I must also lead by example and show them how much they mean to me — I want to be the role model and be there to guide them. Nobody knows about the struggles I went through, the pain I’ve endured or the heartfelt decisions I’ve made. 



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