Feb. 28, 2021 – She is now eager to tell her story and help show people there is a “solution to this disease”.

“I lived a life full of misery and prayed every time that I slept to please not wake up. I thought for a long time that I would never get out of there,” Madison said.

“When I had enough, I found a new way of living. It is possible, there is help. Grab on and don’t let go.”

Madison went on: “‘I was in my first rehab at the age of 15, dragging my family through my addiction and hurting them and others left and right.

“Until the age of 18, I would go to programs and get out and pick up again. My disease had me. When I was 18, I had nine months sober while I was pregnant with my daughter, who is now nine. Until now, that was my longest time not using.”

She would spend six years living on the streets when she hit “rock bottom” as her addiction took over her life.

It was an arrest which finally helped her realize she had to try and take back control and overcome her vices.


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