March 3, 2021 – Rosen’s next court date is in April. He’s shacking up at the Huntington Beach City Jail, which charges about $3,000 a month for accommodations. Surf City’s pay-to-stay inmates are housed separately from all other inmates and have minimal contact with them. They have to pitch in with chores — cleaning and sanitizing cells, taking out the trash, washing inmate laundry, mopping floors, cleaning the prisoner compartments in patrol cars and general cleaning of the jail’s facilities as needed, said Lt. Brian Smith of the HBPD. If they’re unable or unwilling to perform the tasks, they’re returned to the custody of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Cushy compared to the county jail, perhaps, but a step down from Rosen’s previous digs: He was released to home confinement at his Brentwood mansion on Dec. 17, after contracting COVID-19 at the Orange County jail. His request to move to the Huntington Beach lockup, rather than return to county jail, was approved by the court on Feb. 8. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Some see unequal justice for the rich.

“He should be in the county jail!!!” said Rose Lynch of New York by email. Her son had several procedures from Rosen — including implants that administer an opioid-blocking medication — but prosecutors contend he and others didn’t receive other treatments necessary as part of a comprehensive, supervised recovery plan, and went on to die of an overdose.


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