Sept. 30, 2021 – Williams used drugs throughout his time on the set of “The Wire” and would sometimes show up high, according to The New York Times. He finally sought help at a New Jersey area church. 

“When I came through those doors I was broken. This was, I would say, around the … third season of ‘The Wire,’” Williams told American University radio. “I was on drugs. I was in jeopardy of destroying everything I had worked so hard for, and I came in those doors and I met a man who had never even heard of ‘The Wire,’ much less watched it.”

“It had nothing to do with Hollywood light or who I was in my job,” he continued. “[It was] basic human being stuff. He and I had been joined to the hip ever since, and one of his biggest sayings was, ‘I’m going to love you until you learn to love yourself.’ He never judged, he just nudged. I’m not saying he accepted me in my dysfunctionalism, but he loved me in it. He loved me in it, and there’s a difference. There’s a fine line, there’s a huge difference with that and it worked. It worked for me. It got me to want to become a grown man, to grow up and to stop acting foolish.”


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