Sept. 13, 2022 – The commissioner said this is a scene playing out all over New York and across the country. She believes it is going to take every family in every neighborhood, in every community to work together to beat this deadly epidemic. It’s about open conversations and education.

The commissioner said there have been historic investments to help people.

Now the plan is to expand street outreach and mobile medication units. A $10 million boost from the federal government will go toward developing mobile medication units throughout the state and expanding street outreach programs. Both are targeted toward high-risk populations and those who have trouble accessing care. OASAS will distribute the funding.

However, all of this work costs money. So how is all this paid for?

In part, through opioid settlements – the money big pharma was ordered to pay for its part in the opioid crisis.

“It’s directly going to communities that are at high risk and to people who might not otherwise receive treatment,” the commissioner said. “Focusing on the things that we know have evidence and date behind them to save lives.”


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