Aug. 31, 2022 – Demi Lovato has one regret about the recovery journey.

As you are probably aware, the 30-year-old musician has always been a vocal advocate for mental health awareness, who’s made destigmatization a priority by being extremely candid about their own ongoing struggles with substance abuse. However, it turns out that she now wishes she was able to take a few things back, specifically the documentaries she made about her sobriety journey, including 2012’s Stay Strong, 2017’s Simply Complicated and 2021’s Dancing with the Devil.  The Holy Fvck singer added, “I’m in a new chapter of my life, and I want my music to reflect that.”

However, none of this means that Lovato’s done sharing, as they went on to say that their “story’s not done” and they want “to be able to say by the time I’ve written a book, ‘OK, this is me grown up.”  “Honestly, I’m really sick of watching myself, and I think other people probably are too,” they said.


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