Aug. 28, 2022 –  Their agony is by no means unique: it resonates with countless other “American” families beset with addiction, often multi-generational, in a child, spouse, sibling, or parent.

Nicole, a woman in her late 20s, sets out to achieve high ground from her addiction. She had OD’d four times in the past year and had been in Rehab 17 times.

Her mother, Linda, devotes her able, self-critical self to trying to keep Nicole alive. She has worked hard to overcome the demons of her mother’s addiction. Her voice is articulate, outspoken, and determined, despite the toll of addiction. She is hardest on herself. Yet, she knows well that a supportive family is a predictor of recovery, and one that is not, the contrary.

But support is not uniform in this American family: the stepfather, Bryan, who can fix anything, cannot fix Nicole or the contention that prevails in his home. He doubts Nicole can emerge from addiction. He contests devoting more heart and money, believing that Nicole will forever remain an addict.