Cutting the Rug, Not a Line – 

June 27 2019 – Joe started drinking a lot and then his life spiraled out of control. He was convicted of drunk driving and lost his license, his job and his home. He moved into a friend’s basement, but they were squatters and there was no heat. One night he took someone’s car keys without asking. “If I had got pulled over I would have been busted with a car that wasn’t mine, I was driving on a tether for drunk driving, wasted off my butt, completely annihilated,” he said. “I probably would have gone to state prison for probably two to five years. I could have killed somebody.” That night was a wake-up call for Joe. He put himself in what he called “mental jail.” He quit smoking and stopped drinking. He also stopped hanging around with the wrong people and focused on starting a business.

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