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May 2019 – When we finally make the decision to get sober, it is often because we’ve reached a point where we know we can’t sustain our lives as they were. We can’t hope to be happy or healthy if we continue making the same mistakes, perpetuating the same cycles of self-destruction, causing ourselves and our loved ones so much pain. We don’t know what the future holds, and we can be filled with extreme fear and uncertainty, but we know that we must make a change. Something has to give. We simply can’t keep going the way we’ve been going. We don’t know yet if we’ll ever be happy, but we know we at least have to try.

Sobriety can feel daunting and overwhelming, and many of us feel strong resistance to it. We’re afraid of doing the hard work of confronting our fears, our wounds and the traumas of our pasts. We’re afraid of the withdrawal process and all of the difficult mental, emotional and physical effects we’ll experience. We’re afraid of asking for help because we hate the thought of being judged and looked down upon.

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