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11/30/2019  – While in rehab for drug addiction, theBlue October singer was desperately asking for a “simple” sign from above one day when he noticed a lone wasp trying desperately to make its way into a can that had the words “Wasp Killer” written in bold white letters on it. “Why the hell would you want to get into that wasp can when you’ve seen millions of your homies die from that s–t?” asked Furstenfeld. It was that simple. He, too, kept returning to the one thing that was destroying him and everyone around him: drugs … Deep depression in his teens segued into a heavy drug addiction, which escalated in tandem with Blue October’s success and  swept up everything in his path, including his band and family. This is all part of the story in the band’s upcoming documentary, Get Back Up, out May 15 (distribution TBA).

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