Nov. 6, 2021 –  There is very little difference between any of us regardless of who we are or where we come from. One thing that I think about is that we will survive, and we will do this by any means possible. I remember getting a cheeseburger out of a dumpster that had mold on it. I removed the tomatoes and lettuce and ate it regardless. When you’re starving, all bets are off. I think that goes across the board with all of us. Another thing is that we all have that innate desire to want to belong and be part of something. I remember hanging out with the hookers just so that I can have friends. I wasn’t a pimp or anything like that, but they took me in and made me feel like I was wanted. I see that desire across the board as well. We are all social animals.  At one point in my journey, I witnessed three-fourths of a family die because of AIDS and sharing intravenous drugs. The surviving member was a close friend and I know what grief feels like. I guess all of us have had this experience and share the same emotions. We all have had sorrow or if not, we will have that gift one day of experiencing loss. All it takes is just one significant event to occur in life and things can shift. Change in one form or another does occur. We are all human and prone to follow similar patterns.


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