Still works if you work it –

July 17, 2020 – “It’s like no matter where you go – there you are,” Megan said. “And that is why A.A. has meetings worldwide.”

Scott had a suicidal breakdown and was drinking to blackout two to three times a week. He has been in numerous treatment centers. When one center included A.A. meetings is when he found “the therapy” he is still practicing today.

Scott has been sober for four months and uses spiritual and physical exercise in conjunction with A.A. sponsorship.

“There wasn’t this much alcoholism 150 years ago. We are in the golden era of alcoholism. People in the Western civilization are searching for connections, meanings to life,” Scott said.

Charles got a sponsor at age 15 after multiple run-ins with the law, specifically, after he had swerved across the road and hit another person.

“That kept me dry for two years,” Charles said. “Then I got another DUI, and a work supervisor found me, and I had gone through two half gallons of 151 proof. My supervisor became my sponsor. It takes the right person at the right time.”

Following the 12 steps and meeting with others who have lived “the life” of an alcoholic is also key to staying sober.

Catherine has been sober for 12 years and says that having a sponsor she is accountable to, who knows her history, is key, but part of her success was surrendering. At A.A. meetings, members share their stories where there is no judgment, and they learn to admit wrongs and forgive themselves.



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