Walking the walk, coast to coast –

July 19, 2020 – People celebrate milestones differently.

My wife and I took a cruise to Alaska to commemorate 30 years of marriage. Others do outlandish things while some prefer to keep things quiet and allow self-gratification to be their reward.

But Greg Nance has a massive plan to recognize his 3,000 days of being sober – that’s more than eight years.

On March 16 of this year, Greg hit this milestone, and he has a big bash planned. But due to the coronavirus, it won’t be until next year. And that’s okay because it gives him more time to plan.

But the cool part about this is that you can help celebrate if you happen to see him whiz by.

Greg says that next year, he will be the first person to run from New York City to Seattle.

No Ubers. No cabs. No hitchhiking.



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