It’s Punjab Jake – 

Mar. 8, 2020 – De-addiction seems to have become a new addiction in the state. As per a government report, there is widespread addiction of de-addiction drug buprenorphine.

At present, about 67,000 addicts seeking treatment in de-addiction centres reported they were addicted to buprenorphine. This figure makes around 17 per cent of the total addicts enrolled for treatment under the state’s de-addiction programme. Buprenorphine is an opioid agonist and its effects mimic that of opium. In medical science, it has been termed as a “high addiction potential” drug.

At present, 3.94 lakh patients are enrolled for treatment in private and government de-addiction centres. The data analysis on the nature of substance abuse of enrolled patients reveals that a majority of them are multiple substance users. The opioid-derived substances topped the charts. Of the total, 79 per cent of the addicts, who sought treatment, are hooked to opioid substances such as heroin, opium, poppy husk, Tramadol and cough syrup.


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