Hypocrite Not Hippocrates –

Mar 6, 2020 – “Myra Mabry’s disgraceful conduct demonstrates that she has no business practicing medicine,” Jaquith said. “She betrayed her patients, violated her Hippocratic Oath, and orchestrated an elaborate scheme to avoid accountability for her crimes by bribing someone else to take the fall for her. I commend the DEA for its excellent work in this case. The message here is clear: those who criminally violate their professional oaths will be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned.”

“This investigation ends with Myra Mabry’s sentence of over four years in prison, but clearly reinforces law enforcement’s commitment to weeding out opioid traffickers no matter what their profession,” Donovan said. “I applaud our partners at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York, the DEA’s Albany District Office’s Tactical Diversion Squad, and the New York Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement for their diligent work.”

In pleading guilty, Mabry also admitted that she attempted to obstruct a federal investigation into her activities by instructing Brown to testify before a federal grand jury, falsely, that Mabry was the subject of an extortionate scheme. Mabry was not the subject of an extortionate scheme, was complicit in the scheme to distribute opioids for no medical purpose, and agreed to pay Brown for false testimony in the hope of minimizing her criminal exposure and preserving her medical…


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