Oct. 6, 2021 – Who would have thought, that the idea of creating an online recovery hub would become the global phenomenon it is today? Well if you ask the co-creators of Kenny Pomerance and Ron Tannebaum, they will tell you their expectations were hopeful, but never could have imagined that it would be a global success.  It’s lucky number 13 for – Happy Birthday!

In The Rooms has gone from strength to strength. It’s brought recovering people together from all over the world to get well and celebrate recovery. A global family has been created by two men, who had a pipe dream somewhere in Florida! Having both been in long-term recovery themselves, they saw the benefits of using the internet to create quality recovery connections for the world.

You can’t fully appreciate the wonder of until you see it for yourself. The benefits of expanding your recovery with such an extensive community truly can be the key to your wellbeing. The wider the network of our recovery community is, the more we understand what we need to do to be well. Listening to recovery in an international community shows us that we are definitely not alone.

But the dream could only become a reality if people came and used the facility. And boy did they. In The Rooms now has 646 live, interactive meetings per month with 833,674 members from 136 countries. There have been deep friendships, marriages and even a couple of In The Rooms babies all created from this exceptional platform.


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