It’s never too late… –

August 9, 2020 – 

1. Quit the sugar completely. Throw everything with it out of the house, as it’s harming everyone in the family. This is a bit like a bad relationship. Often the person in the bad relationship knows it’s unhealthy but can’t leave because they are relying on their feelings to make the decision. It doesn’t feel right to leave because they are used to the abuse. Quitting sugar is the same. It won’t feel good for about 10 days, so it’s a decision we make with our mind, not our feelings. After that 10 days it becomes much easier if we employ the following techniques.

2. Supplement with quality zinc and magnesium supplements. Both are important for brain health and the regulation of insulin and blood sugar.

3. Supplement with a liquid B-complex. The B vitamins are essential for energy production and when we are low energy we will crave sweets for the instant energy they bring.

4. Add chromium and vanadium before bed. They work in tandem, but chromium is required for sugar metabolism in the body.

5. Get enough sleep as we often crave sweets when our energy is low as a quick pick-me-up.

6. Keep healthier substitutes in the house and throw the tempting foods out. If you like crunchy things then keep a homemade granola or salty nuts or crunchy crudites with a great dip, or, if you like creamy things make a homemade truvia-sweetened pudding or ice cream or peanut butter treat, or, if you like savory foods make a jerky or keep good salami on hand. Learn new recipes with the healthy sugar substitutes, which I go over in this article. Other ideas are cheeses, sour pickles, olives, fruit, homemade yogurt, stevia-sweetened sodas, and kale chips. Bacon also works, too.



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