March 10, 2022 – “This is a day like no other in the history of American jurisprudence,” Anne Andrews, a lawyer on a committee for 70,000 relatives and those in recovery, said just before the start of the hearing. “The Sacklers have to listen to the direct victims of their crimes, the stories of people who have died, who lost the potential of their lives. But for years the Sacklers painted them in their emails as slime, addicts, as low lifes, and that it was their fault they were addicted. But they are America. 

They are you and me.” Speakers hurled invectives, cursing the Sacklers for their greed, seeming indifference to the devastation their company’s product had caused and their refusal to take personal responsibility. “I pray that criminal charges are filed upon you,” said Tiffinee Scott, a Maryland mother who described finding the dead body of her 28-year-old daughter Tiarra, who was first given OxyContin to treat pain from sickle cell disease. Ms. Scott displayed a photo of a large plastic garbage bag teeming with opioid pill bottles.


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