April 20, 2022 – The Buddhists say the odds of being born a human is the same as if there was a single round life preserver floating in the Pacific Ocean and every 100 years a porpoise popped his snout out of the ocean and happened to pierce the space in the life preserver. Those are the odds of being born a human on planet Earth.

If you were one of those lucky individuals who could reign in the excess when the masks came off and the world reopened, as it is written in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, “our hats are off to you.”

But if you happen to have crossed that Maginot line, and the enemy, alcoholism, has breached your walls or just knocked down your front door then your life is in jeopardy.  There is a fool proof, 100 percent proof, solution. QUIT.  There are many roads that lead to the city of Sobriety.  Don’t stop trying to find the path you can trudge to distance yourself from that next drink or a soft cushy coffin.  The choice is yours. 

About Leonard Lee Buschel Leonard Lee Buschel, author of “HIGH: Confessions of a Cannabis Addict,” is a California Certified Substance Abuse Counselor who recently celebrated 27 years clean and sober. He is the founder of Writers in Treatment as well as the director of the REEL Recovery Film Festival and Symposium, and he is the editor and publisher of the weekly Addiction/Recovery eBulletin.


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