Bringing Color to Sobriety –

Oct. 26, 2018  – Her tattoos tell a story with Lady Liberty holding the opium poppy, symbolizing her freedom from addiction.  There’s a clock indicating lost time.  And now, tattoos like this are propelling her with her online store, ‘Momzilla’s Unique Boutique’. “I mean I can’t even distinguish what’s harder. Being an entrepreneur and being a single mom, or just being a single mom. And them only having me. You see, I’ve got to realize at the end of the day. They’re depending on me.” That love for her daughters and passion for art is now resulting in Randolph taking part in Inked Magazine’s cover girl contest.  She tells us, “And now, it’s like I’m in it to win it. I’m proud. I’m of the tattoo. If you go on and read about the tattoo, it really means a lot.”

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