Feb. 23, 2023 – “I have been in recovery for 16 years. I don’t think I would have ever found recovery or stayed in recovery had I not gone through a 12-month program. It does a lot of things but usually just the time the 12 months gives you time to break those bad connections, toxic relationships,” she says.

Mims has also seen it through to the other side.

“Recovery is a lifetime change. It’s a journey. At the beginning you need to define what your recovery is. Are you wanting to satisfy a PO? Are you wanting to get your children back? Are you really wanting change? That 12 months really helps you lay down the false beliefs, see some hope. Learn to live life the way God has intended you to live,” Mims says. Through her four years as director, Amy has seen sometimes the biggest challenge many face is self image.

“False beliefs you’ve picked up along the way. It’s hard when you’ve been told you’re never going to be any different, you’re never going to get better, you’re not a good mother. Those are lies we pick up because everyone has the capacity to change. You can change if you want to. Is it easy? No. But there’s hope,” she says.


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