Unclear on the concept –

August 21, 2020 – He said the children were locked in the back bedroom and he went outside where she followed him and hit him some more.

When he tried to push her away he said she bit him in the hand.

Officers said they saw wounds on his upper body and a bright red mark on his neck and a circular wound on his hand.

In April, police arrested Hernandez for assault at the same location.

They said the man and his son talked to them from a bedroom window where they and his six-year-old daughter were hiding.

The man told them his wife had been doing meth but had not been able to get a supply from her dealer because of COVID restrictions and was having fits of rage for two days.

The fits included kicking the dogs, trying to fight their son, hitting the husband when he tried to protect the son and throwing a glass at the husband.

At one point, he said he was trying to get their daughter out of the room, when Hernandez punched their son in the jaw.



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