May 20, 2022 – And as you know, another agency with alleged ties to Big Pharma, The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations was also found to be responsible for participating in the opiate nightmare by wholeheartedly and murderously adopting and forcing most hospitals in America to add “pain” as the fifth vital sign, which contributed to an incredible increase in the amount of painkiller prescriptions being written across America. 

Maybe the most obvious cause is greed; personal, corporate and political GREED.

After all, who benefits from the opioid crisis?

  • The pharmaceutical companies
  • The prison industrial complex
  • Hospitals
  • The government and We all know Rudolf Giuliani was brought in early on to squash legal actions against Purdue Pharma years ago in West Virginia. That’s from a Beth Macy article in 2018. So who else is making money?


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