Aug. 25, 2022 – Back in the day, when my husband Oleg Vidov and I owned Malibu Beach Recovery Center (“MBRC”)we, like others in the addiction community were “stalked” by Dr. Timothy Jack, an Anthem psychiatrist known as “Dr. ‘No.’”  The purpose of SB 999 is to stop insurance companies from hiring unqualified doctors who know nothing about addiction to deny required addiction treatment.

Senate Bill 999, sponsored by State Senator Dave Cortese, has passed the Senate Health Committee, Senate Appropriations Committee, and a vote of the entire State Senate.  It has passed the Assembly Health Committee, Assembly Appropriations Committee, and a vote of the entire Assembly.  Yesterday the Senate formally accepted amendments the Assembly Health Committee made, and the bill was sent to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk.
Please write to Governor Gavin Newsom immediately and ask him to sign SB 999 into law. Send your letters to  A sample letter can be found on


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