Super Size Me –

Mar. 3, 2020 – Traditional 12-Step-based treatment centers are incredibly successful and valuable for many, but for those still in a precontemplation stage of change or in denial of the seriousness of their substance use, a 12-Step only approach can deter them from seeking treatment and prevent them from engaging in any recovery behaviors.

Family members and professionals can continue to convey the seriousness of the addictive behavior while also encouraging their loved one to choose their own pathway to health.

The best recovery pathway is one that an individual is willing to pursue.

If the Buddhism-inspired Refuge Recovery program or the Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy SMART Recovery program are of more interest to an individual, these options should be encouraged and explored.

Not everyone who chooses to forgo the 12-Step recovery route is simply “in denial” or “not in enough pain yet.” If we follow the idea that an individual’s “bottom” is when they “stop digging,” as opposed to believing that people are required to have severe legal, health, or relational consequences to be ready for help, then we may be able to save countless individuals and their families tremendous amounts of unnecessary pain and misery.


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