June 28, 2922 – Proponents say that by choosing some drugs over others, they’ve been able to relax and expand their mind without suffering the pitfalls of addiction and other problems associated with substance abuse. Popstar Demi Lovato was perhaps the most high-profile advocate — they even wrote a song about it — but later said that “sober sober” was the only lifestyle that worked for their long-term recovery. So in weed-friendly California, is this kind of selective sobriety a path forward for folks who want to change some, but not all, of their habits?

Dr. Brian Couey, the director of outpatient services at the Betty Ford Center, discussed the concept with in a phone interview this week. Couey emphasized multiple times that every individual, their relationship with drugs and their recovery process is unique. His advice is also more targeted toward people who struggle with substance abuse than occasional recreational users.


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