May 29, 2021- The city responded to more than a month of complaints and numerous Post queries by erecting barriers on Tuesday, closing off the northwest corner to both legal and illegal uses, while cops in recent nights have boosted their presence. But neighbors are still incensed by the condition of the park and what they believe are token efforts by the city to return it to lawfulness.

“The zombies are now near the fountain, as well as next to the chess [southwest] corner. They’ve simply moved up about 200 meters from the now shuttered end of the park,” one angry neighbor emailed The Post on Wednesday. “I think all hell is going to break loose.”

The Post toured the park this week, after the “drug den” was closed, and still found the flower beds littered with syringes and scores of empty drug capsules. A park gardener told Hill he found two dozen syringes while tending the grounds Wednesday morning. Another resident contacted The Post following a recent 8 a.m. stroll to the park’s dog run, reporting a female giving oral sex to a drug dealer, with other men “lined up for their turn” with their pants open.

Another neighbor captured video of illegal fireworks lighting the air above the arch in the early Friday morning hours, past the park’s unenforced midnight closing time. 


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