July 16, 2022 – Speaking to The Times Magazine, she talked about Geordie Shore and how her fellow “cast members” had gained a reputation for “glamourising” binge drinking.

Pattison said she feels “sick to her stomach” watching back clips from the Newcastle-based reality show, and that she “didn’t like who it made me become”.

“I believed I was my father’s daughter, so it was going to happen sooner or later and didn’t really matter when,” she told the Times.

“Loads of people on the show had a really nice time and became funny and silly and then stopped. That was never me. I don’t have an off switch and I was never a nice drunk.”

Pattison added that she “did not blame” the show’s producers, but at the age of 22 did not have the skills to “navigate being surrounded by that much alcohol”.

The reality star was arrested in 2013 after throwing a shoe inside a bar, which injured a woman and a staff member. She was suspended from Geordie Shore after the incident.


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