March 23, 2021 – Thomas was convicted of crimes that led to probation. He said he served in the Navy for seven years and had PTSD and anxiety. He said at one point he tried to kill himself by overdosing on meth, but he survived. Then someone told him about Reincarnation Cottages.”I’m happy to be here,” said Thomas. “I have no regrets coming to this place.””We wish Landon nothing but the best. He’s fantastic,” said Niki Shelton, Thomas’ HR Manager at XCaliber International. Thomas has a new job thanks to the program and his manager said Thomas is the ideal employee. Some other men in the recovery program are doing work at the Patriot Auto Group in Pryor. Thomas thought we would be interviewing some other guys working at the dealership with Reincarnation Cottages, but he was in for quite the surprise. “We know you’ve been going through something the last year,” said Tatton Manning with the Patriot Auto Group. “We want you to know this car right here, it’s ours, but it’s about to be yours and it’s 100 percent free.”



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