Majoring in Sobriety –

Nov 23, 2018  – “Interest in the minor grew rapidly, and there have been 177 graduates with the minor as of June,” said Tricia Witte, UA coordinator of the undergraduate minor in addiction and recovery. “We found over time that a lot of students want a career focused in this field, so we decided to put together a major for those who really want to master this subject.” The program will offer an in-depth examination of the development and progression of addictive disorders and the process of recovery. Students will also learn methods for preventing and treating substance use disorders that incorporate family, peer and community support. “The program isn’t just for those who want to become an alcohol and drug counselor,” Witte said. “It would be great for those who want to go into policy, mental health or criminal justice. We’ve also had numerous pre-med students take the minor, and it has helped them tremendously.”

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