LISTEN – William Moyers and Susan Ford –

OCT. 12, 2020 –

0:00:24 William Moyers
[to Susan Ford]
Here we are, it’s a beautiful day. We’re outside on the campus. What does it feel like for you knowing the history that you have here?

0:00:32 Susan Ford
Well I mean there’s years here, I mean I’ve spent a lot of time here. You’ve got the beautiful mountains and a blue sky and the sun—

0:00:39 William Moyers
Mmm. [nods]

0:00:38 Susan Ford
—How can you not get well here? And then you have the geese who we share the campus with, who are here for the winter.

0:00:42 William Moyers
Yes the geese. [chuckles]

0:00:46 William Moyers
And then we’ve always shared the campus with the geese in the winter, right?

0:00:48 Susan Ford
Absolutely. They’ve been here as long as we have. But, you know, the bricks are the story of all the patients—

0:00:56 William Moyers

0:00:56 Susan Ford
—Who’s been here. You buy a brick, you put your sobriety date on it. People when they come back for alumni weekend go to see their brick. They know where their brick is. When people have passed away I know people will go and put flowers on other people’s bricks.

0:01:11 William Moyers

0:01:11 Susan Ford
I mean it’s—it’s a very emotional journey.

0:01:14 William Moyers

0:01:15 Susan Ford
And Mother has her own brick right up here.

0:01:17 William Moyers
Let’s go see. That brick it’s somewhere along here. I think it’s appropriate too that these bricks are along a pathway.



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