June 19, 2021 – A Louisville man really raised the bar when it comes to wedding proposals by making his into a movie.

Sam Foree surprised his fiancé Katie Shircliffe at the Cinemark Theater in Springhurst with the story of their love and life playing out on the big screen … As she settled into a front row seat in the theater and the previews came to a close, a familiar graphic appeared on the screen, “CK Entertainment Services,” the name of the company Foree works under.

“I’ve spent my whole life running and for many years I didn’t even know what real love was,” Foree’s voiceover said as the video shows him running along the Ohio River. “Every once in a while what we are seeking is right in front of our face.”

Music swells and images upon images of Shircliffe begin to gloss over the screen. In total, it’s about a 15-minute narrative with both of their loved ones appearing as guest stars. Clips show fun times like sky diving, family moments, riding go-karts, along with other memories.


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