April 2021 – The Guest House, located on a rustic estate in Silver Springs, has been in operation since 2016. It is one of the nation’s leading centers for treating addiction and destructive behaviors. Located on 52 oak-shaded acres, the Guest House provides an idyllic setting with a unique and personalized treatment program that addresses any self-defeating behavior – from drug addiction and sex addiction to anxiety and depression.

The program, though, does not only focus on the particular addiction or other self-defeating behavior, but also, as Judy put it, “on the trauma and the underlying issues that cause such things as addiction, anxiety and depression.”

Judy and her partner, Guest House co-founder and managing partner John West, said the focus on unresolved trauma is what separates their program from most rehabilitation programs.

“We have people who come here who have been in program after program, but they have never dealt with the unresolved trauma in their lives,” Judy said. “This is a very traumatized world, and the United States has maybe the most trauma of all.”



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