e-Juice for breakfast? –

May 5, 2108 – SAMIR Soneji, an associate professor of health policy at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine and the paper’s lead author, warned that the high level of nicotine in e-cigs (the device vaporizes a flavored liquid containing the addictive substance), combined with the expense of the modern habit, sets teens up to become real smokers. “Kids may think they’re vaping flavor-only e-cigarettes, but the actual nicotine content of e-juice may be considerably higher than what is written on the packaging. Even some e-juice claiming to be nicotine-free actually contain nicotine,” said Soneji. Plus, the cost of a rechargeable device ranges from $25 to $145, and a nicotine pod, which can have anywhere from 200 to 400 puffs, costs $43 a month. The average cost of a regular pack of cigarettes in the US is $7.62. “A cigarette can be a cheap and quick alternative for an adolescent who has recently become addicted to nicotine through the use of e-cigarettes,” he said.

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